Yet another delay

I honestly started back on my writing, while preparing to get the house ready to sell and monitoring my son's epilepsy ... then it happened.  Another lump discovered in my every-6-months-mammogram.  Biopsy done the next week, news delivered 2 days later, and now surgery is scheduled for next week. It's only been 15 months since my last breast cancer surgery.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding and support.

Puzzling over a title

As I worked on my "instant meals" / "healthy homemade MREs" book this week, I realized I am still very unsure as to what title to use. The companion blog is "homemade healthy MREs" ( ) but what will people most readily respond to?

So ... here are my options:

1. Homemade Healthy MREs

2. Instant Meals from Dried Foods

3. Instant Meals in Jars

4. Homemade MRE - Just Add Water

Or a combination thereof.


Since my goal is to get this published by the end of November, I need to order the cover soon.  Can't do that if I'm still unsure about what title to use!

AND ... for the photo for the cover, should I use a pic of my rows of canning jars that hold my dehydrated ingredients, or maybe a plate with lots of powdered or dehydrated ingredients on it.

Author Vikki Lawrence is back working!

Dear readers:

After a horrible couple of years dealing with liver disease, breast cancer, my almost-21-year-old's epic return of epilepsy, and lots of other things, I'm back to writing.

I will try to update this blog on a more regular basis.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Vikki Lawrence


So Many Tales to Tell!

I have been scribbling away lately. In addition to doing another edit on books 2-7 of my VAMPIRE DINER short story series and editing my grim reaper book, I've been working on some horror short stories, romantic suspense short stories, a contemporary fiction, and lots of non-fiction books.

For some reason, my thoughts flow better at night, and since I'm an insomniac, it works out fine. Unfortunately, that leaves me exhausted!

I have about six weeks left before my surgery, so I've been also working to get things caught up before I go under the knife, then become immobile for a while.

Will try to update this blog as I can.

Reaper Book Postponed and Why

As some of you  may know, I am disabled with a plethora of ailments. Migraines, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, and more. I recently had a scope surgery on my right knee, but it didn't fix the problem. Am waiting for complete knee replacement later this year but meanwhile my legs have been degrading, and fast. A year ago my legs only hurt a little but all over.  Now, I have constant excruciating pain from my lower back down to my toes. Because of the pain, I haven't been able to do farm chores, leaving it up to Hubby, plus the tiny bit my autistic son does.

Last week, my husband fell down the stairs. I took him to the ER. He was lucky to have only a concussion, abrasions and contusions, but even today, 7 days later, he still gets dizzy. Doc yesterday said it would take some time.

Over the last two weeks, the pain has increased in intensity. And with my Hubby unable to bend over much (the dizziness), I have had to go back to milking the goat and doing other chores.

By this past Sunday, I was unable to walk without pain. A heavy dose of Percocet does nothing. Even lying in bed day and night is not relieving me.  I have a doc appointment soon with my ortho doc. I hope he can figure out why my legs hurt all over, all of the time.

Meanwhile, I am feeling guilty.

I can't think through the pain. It has already taken me 25 minutes just to write this posting.

THE REAPER'S LEDGER was almost ready to publish but still have another edit to do. The book front cover is ready; need to finish the final edit before I can get the back cover and spine done.

BEGUILE, the second installment in the VAMPIRE DINER short story series, needs more work. The reviews I've gotten on FATHER are wonderful, and I want to make sure the rest of the series lives up to the reviews.

I will get back to writing when I can think again.

Please be patient.

Thank you.