Medical Marijuana MUST be legalized

I heard about this story on THE VIEW this morning, and felt like I had to get more info about it. I found the following article.

As you might know, I am research a book about embracing medical marijuna and other "alternative" therapies to help mitigate symptoms of all kinds. I even have a facebook group about it, in an effort to gather more stories.

But this story burns my butt.

Didn't it yours?

I don’t understand how a “friend” could turn in another friend for giving medical marijuana to her epileptic son. Surely that “friend” has witnessed the terror, pain, tears and frustration that family goes through.  That “friend” needs to be smacked across the face, the given multiple seizures in an hour.  Falling onto the floor and waking up bruised, with no memory of how she got there, or of the 30-45 minutes prior. The disorientation. The massive head and eye-ache. The confusion. The horrified and yet compassionate looks from people around you.  SHAME ON YOU, “friend”.

Yes, Minnesota has voted to allow medical marijuana as of 2015, but can’t the police start turning their heads now? Colorado did.

As far as the medical marijuana producers mentioned on THE VIEW, they are the Stanley brothers who run THE REALM OF CARING group, and believe me, are quite the godsend. No, the medical marijuana doesn’t work for everyone but goddamn it ... medical marijuana does NOT get you high! Neither does hemp.  Why the hell are we still arguing about this?

Grow up!

My sweet son, as my followers know, is an autistic with epilepsy. Did marijuana work on him? No, it made him hyper. Even after his two brain surgeries in May 2013, he still has seizures, along with the resulting partial blindness, weak left side and speech, and a giant scar on his head. 

He is on two seizure medications AND rubs FRANKINCENSE essential oil on his neck and at pulse points every night. Leaving any of them out, even for a brief period of time, sends him right back to the floor.

No one... NO ONE except us parents and family members ...can understand what we go through every time our child seizures.

And few doctors talk about how seizures CAN BE and OFTEN ARE ... fatal.  Yes, people die from epilepsy.

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Donna Martz said...

Hi Vikki. I did not see the View. I belong to your dehydrating FB group, although I've done very little of it. I live in Washington, where marijuana is legal, both medical and other. I sympathize with your situation about your son. Parents and patients should have the right to do whatever they can to help alleviate medical conditions. It's none of their business, to start with. My dog has had a few seizures, and I cannot imagine what it would be like to see your child have one. I hope the situation gets better.