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August 13, 2014

I have had so much fun writing THE REAPER'S LEDGER. Can hardly believe it will be available next week for download! And then, I will start working on the audio and paperback versions.

As far as the VAMPIRE DINER series, there are only the two last books to write. Once completed, I will go back through them all, check for continuity, edit fiercely, then start releasing them.  Of course, Al Kessell will be the narrator for this entire series. I do love how he did the first book.

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June 25, 2014

Good news: The audio version of FATHER is now live! Please click here!

Bad news: I have knee surgery tomorrow. Not looking forward to this, but since I can't really walk, it's a necessary thing. Send good thoughts, please. 

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May 13, 2014

Book of the series "The Vampire Diner" begins! 


       Driven by a need for human blood and a love for modern technology, Jovan and Ivana opened a diner. Humans enjoy made-to-order fast foods in a funky atmosphere with free wi-fi and complimentary drink refills, with techno music lightly drifting from the jukebox. And after Jovan clinically draws blood from the healthiest of the humans, the vampires drift in for their feast. Who will they choose next? The solitary man gnawing on a turkey burger, or the arguing father and son?

Jovan glanced at them over his shoulder, working away at the cooktop, flipping the father’s burger and the son’s pancakes while pushing the hash around. Though this kind of food had not appealed to him for centuries, he could still appreciate the pleasant smell and the hearty texture of the food. He and Ivana came up with the diner idea when they were trying to think of a creative way to find donors to their dinners. A way to interact with humans but on Jovan’s turf.  And under his control. Making sure the blood collected for his Family was filled with fat, iron and protein, but out of the attention of both the humans’ long arm of the law and the race of the Watchers.


Download it to your KINDLE or KINDLE APP today!

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March 31, 2014

So, for this week, I am writing.
  • MEDICAL MARIJUANA book: still collecting stories from people who have successfully used marijuana and other "different" items to treat their ailments. (We use frankincense essential oil for Weslee's autism and seizures.) From autism to epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, etc. If you have a story to submit, please send it to vikkibooksatyahooperiodcom as soon as possible.
  • GLUTEN-FREE books (several): still writing recipes for meals and dishes from holiday gatherings to birthday parties.  My holiday book is almost done, but I have a few more bread recipes to try out.  I might in 2015 write a birthday party book too, but am experimenting with boxed gf cake mixes from the regular grocery store to do "dump cakes" in the crockpot. This is wrecking my diet, but oh so fun. Oh, and still have all of the photos of food to take and edit.
  • PREPARING TO SURVIVE IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION book is needs a few more chapters. Then I will proofread and edit, send it to an editor, make any revisions, then release the book on Kindle, followed by hard and audio copies.
As soon as I have a new book for release, I will post it here. So please follow this blog to make sure you are among the first people "in the know"!

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March 26, 2014

I sent a gluten-free gnocchi recipe to some tasters/testers yesterday. I am still working on lots more recipes for the gluten-free cookbooks and my homemade MRE cookbook, so input is greatly appreciated.

Now, to the medical marijuana book...

I started a fb group ( ) initially about Charlotte's Web to gather info for a book I am writing about using medical marijuana to help with health problems. Decided to cover all strains of med mmj. (As you know, my almost 18 year old son is autistic with epilepsy and might get a med mmj card soon).

I am asking for everyone's help to get stories about using alternative therapies, like medical marijuana, essential oils, etc.  Please include the ailment, type of alt.therapy, success or failure, how it has changed them, etc.  Stories should be 3-5 pages long. They need to include contact information, and permission for the story to be in the book.

p.s.: Today is epilepsy awareness day! Did you wear purple? Help people know if they have a lot of de ja vu episodes, they COULD be having simple partial seizures? Tell that that epilepsy CAN BE fatal?

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March 5, 2014

Just updated my "365 days of purple" page. Link to the left. Yes, I am still wearing purple for epilepsy awareness. BUT only a few people are asking me why my fingernails are purple, or why do I always have purple on. I don't hit them over the head with the purple, but to see a 50 year old woman with purple fingernails is a sight to see!

My right knee surgery is scheduled for next week. (POSTPONED) Looking forward to it, in a way, because I will be better able to walk our property, and visit my chickens, turkeys and goats. Well, once I get the left knee done, probably a month later. I really miss being able to visit with  my chickens, but at least I can see them from my bedroom window as they scratch in the dirt and chase after bugs.

Egg production is climbing. Guess my birds just needed a bit of warm weather. We mix our own feed for them, using non-gmo grains as much as possible. No soy. No corn. Tell you what... I've never seen such orange egg yolks!

We have a girl goat that should be kidding (freshening, giving birth) in less than a month. It's her first time, and she is already developing an udder. Effie seems a bit puzzled about what's going on in her, but she came from our best milker, so I think she will be fine.

Still working on my non-fiction books. Those are published under my full name, "Vikki Lawrence-Williams".

But I recently decided I couldn't ignore my inner voice any longer. I am writing fiction again, under the name of "Vikki Lawrence". I have an epic fantasy mostly plotted out but that will take a year to write! Meanwhile, I am working several different series.

Thank you all for sticking by me. I value you in my life.

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January 6, 2014

So pleased that you found my website. I embrace this opportunity to introduce myself. I am an author, a farmer, and a mom. I experiment with dehydrated foods, patiently milk my goats, cuddle my baby chicks, adore my crockpot, and try to ignore the possibility of SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy).

First...why am I hyphenated? My son is 17 but we only met my husband 8 years ago. I didn't want confusion with doctors, education, etc so I chose to hyphenate my old last name with my new last name!

Second, writer? Yup! I have published a few small titles, both as a publisher and as an independent writer. Now I am devoting what time I have to my craft PLUS earning a living. I have several books in the works.

I can hear it now... "A farmer?" Uh, yup! We have two little acres on the eastern side of Denver, Colorado. We raise goats, chickens, turkeys and dogs. Even though I am disabled, we grow our raise as much food for ourselves as we can, plus we sell off the extra. Our non-gmo garden produces raspberries, blackberries, grapes, blueberries, pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, peppers and much much more. Our customers love that we do NOT feed corn (unless it's heritage/non-gmo that we grow) or soy to our animals. We farm not just to make a few dollars, but also to provide our little family the healthiest food we can possibly get.

Last but certainly never least, my 17 year son, Weslee, is autistic, ADHD, OCD, and has uncontrolled epilepsy. He is a fanatic about movies (check out his website "".). Even after two brain surgeries in May 2013 that wiped out most of his learning and many of his memories, he still retained every bit of his movie info.

Come back often. Browse around. See what fits you. Sit and stay a while. I'm not going anywhere!

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