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I am the mother of a special needs teen. Weslee is autistic, with OCD, ADHD, and epilepsy.
4806984684_721fcc9cdc_zWe live on a tiny 2-acre farm in Colorado with Weslee, my husband Doug, six goats, four turkeys, a LOT of chickens, and two dogs. 
Although Weslee had two brain surgeries in May 2013 to eliminate his epilepsy, they failed. But it did take away his hunger signal. He dropped a lot of weight in the four months following his surgeries (over 40 pounds). He was always a picky eater, but now, we just can't get him to eat.
Life on our farm can be difficult. Among our homeschooling, doctor appointments and hospital stays for Weslee (and me!), we have to squeeze in milking the goats, feeding the livestock, collecting eggs, watering animals and the garden, and so many other things.
I hate finding time to cook a full five-dish meal or even a pot of homemade chicken soup when we just got back from the hospital and nothing is defrosted. Sit-down restaurants take too long. Take-out is expensive. Sandwiches can get boring. So do defrosted frozen meals.  PLUS, most of that isn’t healthy enough for someone who’s body is being ravaged by seizures.
December 2013, I was recruited to write a monthly column for the Nation Seizure Disorder Foundation. This page will list each of my articles (with links).
Please feel free to not only read my articles, but comment below on thought you have about future columns. Thank you!
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